How do we help?

We provide comprehensive support in your market segment:

by implementing effective sales models, working on strategies, processes, range, distribution channels, competences of the sales manager and team, and the sales force structure. We advise on how your sales team can optimise sales.

Customer Journey and Customer Experience:

We integrate areas such as sales, marketing and customer service, adapting activities, communication, processes and relationship management systems to changing market expectations. We develop roadmaps for marketing services and brand management.

Support during change, development of competences and recruitment:

We support the management board, sales manager and team in carrying out organisational change. We recruit the right employees, and oversee AC/DC projects and development programmes.

Market segment in numbers:

successful recruitment

We take action if:

You need to optimise the Rate of Sales

You want to organise your product and service portfolio by investing in what’s profitable and fast moving, and removing ones that don’t bring profit, or leave you at a loss.

You want to implement the Customer Journey/Experience

You want to fully control the process of customer acquisition and customer service, and ensure a consistent experience at every point of contact with the company and the product. Make sure your company has modern marketing.

You need to implement a Sales & Operations Planning process

You want to reduce costs by integrating sales forecasting and planning with purchasing, storage and production flows.

You want to implement optimal processes and sales structure

You would like to adapt the activities carried out by your sales team and tailor its structure to achieve the maximum result (sales optimisation).


You need to manage the competences of the sales manager and team

You need a team with the necessary competences – you’re thinking about development and implementation programmes.

You want to recruit

You’re looking for valuable employees in a difficult job market. You would like to match the sales team’s competences to the challenges facing you and your company…

Value Added Selling
an innovative approach to developing salespeople!

This programme will be appreciated by all sales teams that have the feeling that they’ve already been to various training sessions, know a lot and, basically, already achieve whatever is possible on the market.

Our experience shows that many salespeople know what to do to increase sales results and how it should be done. However, we’re led by our beliefs and habits. It’s not easy to influence this sphere – we have a number of defence mechanisms that protect us against change and real development.

This is why at 4Results, we propose an approach that’s different to offering employees further expensive training. Usually, after yet another training session, experienced salespeople bring little to their everyday practice. That’s why we propose a development process that always brings spectacular results:

Stage 1.

The implementation of Value Added Selling is based on a preliminary diagnosis that takes place in conditions that give each participant the opportunity to learn their habits and skills in a very friendly and safe setting. The preliminary diagnosis provides the participant with information about the level of their sales potential they’re using.

Stage 2.
Intense development

In the second step, the participants undergo development aimed at the gaps that’ll bring them tangible sales results the quickest. Usually, this stage takes from three to five days of intensive training.

Stage 3.
Measuring development

One month after the end of the training, the participants undergo a measurement of their competences based on a method that’s comparable to the preliminary diagnosis. This period is needed to polish skills and consolidate new habits.

Stage 4.

All participants who achieve at least 75% of the sales potential receive Value Added Selling certificates. If someone already gets such a high result during the preliminary diagnosis, they also get a certificate.

Past experience in helping salespeople based on Value Added Selling:

  • The average score during the preliminary diagnosis is 37%.
  • As a result of the entire development process, the potential increases by an average of 26%.

The Value Added Selling programme is carried out both in an open and closed setting for specific groups of salespeople. In the closed version, the sales model is adapted to the realities of the company, customers and sales channels.

What do companies say about our services?

"4Results conducted a market analysis of our product portfolio in the traditional and modern channels. The result of the audit allowed us to develop a coherent strategy for the further development of the sales department and enabled recommendations for activities in specific channels. All recommendations were passed on to the management team in the form of a workshop, which accelerated the understanding and implementation of goals. Knowledge of issues, transfer of knowledge and providing answers and tips were all at a very high level."
Jacek Pruszaczyk
Hochland Polska, National Sales Support Manager
„I highly value my cooperation with 4Results due to the care they put in to the quality of training, workshops, consultations and implementations, as well as their flexibility in approaching customer requirements”
Agata Czarnecka
Factory Director Nestle Waters Polska


Sales Academy:

Dedicated development programmes for sales departments

Improve your sales team, planning and efficiency!

Sales managers and team members continue to face challenges. We offer an individual approach, supporting organisations in achieving real results. We adjust the scope of support both for solving identified problems and for set goals, including by raising the competence of the sales leader and team.

We provide wider comprehensive development programmes at the Sales Academy, or dedicated development programmes to raise specific skills necessary to conduct effective sales.

Our consulting and training team is made up of experienced professionals.

We offer development sessions in the field of:

Our clients enjoy results:

Success stories:

Polish National Sales Awards

I’m honoured to be in the group of PNSA judges whose mission is to promote and implement modern standards of professional sales.

PNSA is Poland’s most prestigious competition in the sales and customer service sector.

Michał Paradowski, 4Results Managing Partner


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