4Results Efficiency Improvement Programmes:

throughout Poland
average increase
in productivity
average increase in the Client's gross result

You can benefit from an Efficiency Improvement Project if your company has:

  • an increasing number or scale of orders, and production can’t keep up with implementation,
  • a decreasing margin on products due to costs of production or materials increasing,
  • decreasing productivity calculated as: income per employee, production per employee, margin per employee,
  • you are interested in the SixSigma and Lean manufacturing methodology.

How an implementation project works:

Our clients who are benefitting from PPE:

Clients discuss their cooperation with 4Results

The project carried out at the assembly plant with 4Results allowed us to make groundbreaking changes in the organisation and operational methods, which helped us leverage an increase in the factory's processing capacity. Thanks to the changes we introduced, we're able to implement more projects in less time.
Sławomir Szachmytowski
Production Manager, Alrec In-store

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This is Lean
[Niklas Modig, Pär Åhlström]

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