Implementation of new products and services in manufacturing and service companies

Implementation of new products and services in manufacturing and service companies

We provide solutions to the following challenges:

  • increasing time of implementation of new products and/or modifications of current ones,
  • falling revenues or margin on new products,
  • deteriorating cooperation between teams and/or departments responsible for the implementation of new products.

What do our clients say about our solutions?

4Results consultants help increase efficiency, and reorganise and rationalise the functioning of departments and systems in a very clear way. Thanks to their openness, affordability, and above all, the competences of the people assigned to specific tasks and our openness to these changes, the entire process is very efficient. At the same time, 4Results retains a very individual approach to the client. In the end, we got a tailor-made product. And it fits us perfectly.
Anna Sołyga
Director of Research and Development, Pamapol

Design thinking

We provide solutions to the following challenges:

  • the solutions created by the organisation don’t fully meet the needs of external and internal clients,
  • the company devotes a lot of energy and resources to innovations and new projects, but doesn’t feel that they bring the expected results.

Design Service: implementation of innovation in service companies – the "double diamond" model:

We implement an innovative organisational culture by going through four stages of in-depth analysis of the business and customer needs.

What tools we use?

Client feedback about Design Service:

We operated based on the assumption that after many years of cooperation, we knew and understood our clients well and didn't have to ask them about their needs. Fortunately, 4Results' Design Services methodology allowed us to discover the needs of our clients anew, and to better understand them and prepare an action plan showing that we're able to offer a new, better quality of services.
Wojciech Dębiński
Event director, Event Partners

Workshops and training based on design thinking

We hold workshops and training sessions during which we implement innovative thinking based on a five-step model, from empathy to testing.

Examples of training projects:

A client from the banking sector:


Creating a method to increase the sale of loans to clients visiting the bank's branches.


Based on the Design Thinking method, conducting: observations, interviews with clients at branches, a series of workshops with bank advisers and managers. Conducting several iterations to verify the next solution prototypes.


The creation of both tools for initiating sales conversations (the "Circle"), as well as developing a model for conversation, discussion, responding to objections and wrapping up conversations. We developed a way of demonstrating value to customers.

A leader in the insurance market:


Creating a new website with a particular emphasis on showing value for the company's clients. The new website was to take into account the needs of various clients, have clear product marketing, and convey the value customers receive. With the previous website, the process took a long time and didn't sufficiently take into account the perspective of the client; therefore, the decision was made to develop a new solution based on the Design Thinking methodology.


A series of Design Thinking workshops involving over 200 people from various parts of the company, as well as the clients themselves.


A new website was created that presents the company's offer in a new, customer-focused way. Product marketing was improved. Changes occurred at the level of:
- terminology adapted to the customer's needs,
- structure of the site,
- scope and method of the presented offer.

Customers who have used our services:

Meet our consultants and trainers:

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