When do we recommend our solutions?

If your organisation

is about to undergo change, or is already in the thick of it, and needs support in guiding its employees through this process.

If a leader would like to

increase the effectiveness and sustainability of implemented changes. We help people introducing a culture in which change is brought about according to standards that engage people, and the hard process of change is combined with excellent communication.

When a manager doesn't want

the change process to negatively influence the morale and engagement of employees, or pose a risk to the organisation.

Our experience in numbers:

leaders and employees have taken part in our change management projects
leaders have participated in the simulation game "SysTeamsChange"
change projects

Our competences:

Support in the change process

As a partner in change, we help you focus on your priorities. We also provide knowledge, methods, tools, and support based on experience gained from many projects, while focusing on combining both the soft and hard aspects of change.

SysTeamsChange simulation

Use the "Change Management" game, which allows participants to experience successes and failures, engagement and frustration under safe simulation conditions in order to transfer the lessons learned to the business world.

Management during times of VUCA

VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are the new realities that organisations face. They pose challenges for managers, and require a new approach to management. We teach you how to manage better in this paradigm.

Change management for leaders

Effective change in times of uncertainty places special demands on leaders; they must use their psychological skills to combine the vision of the result of the change with short-term measures.

Support in the change process:


we introduce a set of tools and standards (Change Management Toolbox) that are helpful in the ongoing planning of change, communication, and the engagement of leaders and employees.


we help define the scope and results of the changes, and define key indicators and parameters for measuring change effectiveness. We facilitate the process of changing and engaging the main people involved in the change.


we help leaders develop the ability to steer themselves through change, so that they become leaders who support their teams during the change process.


the key to effective change is the art of balancing what you require of employees and supporting them. The "How to navigate change" workshops help employees to navigate the change process quickly and deliberately.


we help you build a communication plan that takes into account who, when and how should learn about the change. We continuously reiterate the plan to the design team.

Change management simulation:

Check out the benefits of including this simulation in your change management project.

Since 2013, 4Results has been a licensed provider of SysTeamsChange, which is a game/simulation of change management developed by a team of German experts. In the game, participants take on the role of Change Agents tasked with supporting the company’s management in the change implementation process. The Change Agents must remember that just like in real life in the organisation, in the game, they’ll face varying levels of employee motivation, different value systems, and lasting attitudes towards the change process.

Would you like to learn more about simulation?

Management during times of VUCA:

Watch this webinar, which will demonstrate 4Results' know-how of management in the VUCA era:

Change management for leaders:

We provide knowledge

and support leaders in guiding themselves and their teams through the change process (ousting, resistance, trial and adaptation phases).

We believe that

in today's world, the change cycle is shortening. Our projects minimise the time for ousting and resistance, while making the phase of trials, tests and seeking new solutions dominate.

We teach leaders

how to be a team coach who requires and expects results (the role of the product owner in the change), while at the same time building team spirit, providing support, and overseeing development (scrum master role).

During the dynamic changes that organisations face nowadays, leaders must increasingly redefine classic change phases. We teach them how to find themselves in situations where they must minimise the duration of the ousting, resistance and adaptation phases, and maximise the trial stage.

Phases of change in theory:

Today’s phases of change:

Clients who have chosen our change management solutions:

What companies say about our services:

Together with 4Results, we implemented a project related to effective change implementation. The consultants used their own tools and methods during diagnostics. During training, the trainers used a modern simulation game to improve the ability to effectively guide people through the change process. We feel that by working with 4Results, we're fully prepared and more involved in the process of quickly responding to changes and their effective implementation.
Aleksandra Dziedzinkiewicz
Training Team Manager, Medicover
The SysTeams Change simulation is an outstanding product. It effectively helps participants take in issues presented during training sessions. The issues worked through during the game can be applied in reality. I sincerely recommend it.
Grzegorz Borkowski
Deputy Director of Distribution, Iglotex

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