QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing)

Who should implement the Quick Response Manufacturing method?

QRM is for all companies that wish to minimise the time of delivery of ordered products or services, as well as for those for which a shorter delivery time can be a significant competitive advantage.

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a revolutionary method of a comprehensive approach to managing a company that produces a very diverse range of products (high mix/low volume) or products for custom orders (MTO or ETO).

If you have a problem with the timely processing of customer orders, your lead times are constantly increasing instead of decreasing, cooperation between the production area and the office is tense, or the number of products offered is constantly on the rise, QRM is the ideal product for you!

QRM in numbers:

implementations in Poland
QRM teams created
instances of reduction of lead times (LT)
QRM implementation experts

What companies say about QRM:

I divide benefits of implementing QRM into those related to the organization of work itself and those expressed in indicators and customer satisfaction. In the latter group, the most important result for me is the fact, that the same team that three years ago was generating turnover of €7 million, today achieves €40 million without being overwork.
Paweł Wierzbicki
president of polish branch of Schindler
Problems with delays have been practically eliminated and we have improved the rate of on- time delivery from 73% to 99%. If there were occasional delays, they were at most 1-2 days late.
Paweł Jurkowski
CEO of Wadim Plast

You should use QRM if your company needs:

Short reaction times

The company manufactures products for custom client orders or in short series, and needs to do it much faster!

To get more orders processed on time

The level of order processing is not satisfactory, and customers are increasingly complaining about service and timeliness!

Better cooperation in the company

The company designs or manufactures solutions, products or services that require smooth cooperation between the office and the production team!

A simpler planning process

The flow of material is complicated, work in progress is high, all resources are being used, and our lead times are increasing!

The QRM implementation process in the company

Our clients benefit from QRM:

CASE STUDIES: see how our clients win the competition thanks to QRM ...

We're the founders of the QRM Institute

4Results is the only Polish representative of the QRM Institute, which is the world’s largest network of partners (consulting companies) that promote the practical use of the QRM method and implement this method in many enterprises around the world. The QRM Institute oversees European certification of QRM specialists at three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

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What clients say about cooperation with 4Results:

Right from the outset, their approach and commitment captivated us. The consultants treated the situation as if they were fighting for results in their own company. The 4Results team approached our challenges holistically - we weren't offered a selected method, but were provided with a development scenario that was tailored to our situation.
Paweł Jurkowski
CEO in Wadim Plast

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