Where we're heading

We want to create a unique environment of people – our employees and clients who are passionate about management. We acquire knowledge and good practices to share them with those around us. 4Results is meant to be a platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Our mission

We’re explorers, and our real passion is human development. That’s why we partner with our clients to implement solutions that turn companies into MORE places. We’re a company that’s leading at designing and implementing solutions – 4Results is all about inspiration, implementation and results – for people who want MORE.

Long-term vision of development

We’re here to question the status quo of companies and management methods. We don’t know what we’ll be doing in 10 years’ time, because the world is too fluid and dynamic to stick rigidly to the same solutions. We know that we want to support leaders in day-to-day management and building healthy organisations.

Consulting and implementation company

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We're a group of people who care about solving companies' problems: we open the way for further development, change the way they operate, and then implement strategies.

We have an extensive knowledge of tools to supporting the restructuring, improvement and optimisation of enterprises. The most important thing, however, is how we approach challenges – we fight for results right to the end, and we achieve them through rational measures combined with respect for the entire organisation. 4Results is more than a consulting company – it’ a trusted partner.

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and trainers

Our approach

In the projects of 4Results, partnership based on trust and a common understanding of goals is paramount.

After recognising the situation, we propose very specific implementation measures included in the work schedule. We never leave the customer without an opportunity to implement our proposals.

We have a high level of commitment and care about our results, but at the same time, we involve our client in the projects to ensure that the implemented solutions are sustainable.

What we do

Working together with our clients, we implement specific solutions to achieve desired changes in companies, and to develop objectives.

Our team

A unique team is made up of unique individuals. At 4Results, everyone is crazy (in the positive meaning of the word) about coming up with solutions that support customers, but also about creating the right atmosphere, in which progress and development are realised. We also have more things in common. For example, each of us has a passion, is really good at something and does what they enjoy.


4Results is a consulting company that’s a great place for personal and professional development and for gaining professional experience. Do you want to be a valued consultant, trainer, or perhaps an analyst or business partner? Join us and start a career path that you have a lot of say in.

Join the 4Results Club

The 4Results Club is a space for leaders who’d like their companies to be a MORE place. The Club is a “creative melting pot” where 4Results leaders, consultants and trainers exchange their know-how, teach new skills, test solutions, and establish business and social contacts.

Sales Angels – get to know the largest sales community in Poland!

Sales Angels is a unique environment in Poland that brings together experts, leaders and sales specialists, as well as those who want to develop their sales skills. Our regular meetings feature outstanding experts and receive the highest praise from participants. Join the Sales Angels community today!


Our solutions are based on know-how that we develop independently and in cooperation with our clients as part of our own research and analytical projects. Check out the research and educational projects we implement.

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