Our own research projects:

4Results implements its own research projects involving the senior management and employees of companies. See our published research:

RESEARCH REPORT: Who is really at fault? Managers discuss Millennials

Up to 70% of managers worry about the future of their team: they’re of the opinion that the biggest challenge in managing Millennials is the uncertainty associated with their lack of loyalty to the company, and the way they easily leave jobs. The entitlement of Generation Y is highlighted by 62% of managers, and 46% think that boredom and low patience are a problem.  A solution to the latter problem may be finding interesting tasks for representatives of Gen Y – these are the conclusions drawn from the research of the consulting and training company 4Results.

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RESEARCH REPORT: What builds engagement, and what kills it?

In 2017, we conducted research at 4Results involving 950 managers of large organisations. These included 200 top managers, 360 middle managers and 390 line managers. We asked them two things: what they though builds engagement, and what kills it. Check out the results.

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Diagnostic tools and methodologies:

We have our own proprietary research tools and methodologies, and conduct training and research projects using tools developed by other entities. Here’s a list of some of the available tools:

If you want to learn more about the tools and methodologies we use:

  • Engaging Leader 360° Study,
  • Leadership Versatility Index 360° Study,
  • Master Person Analysis,
  • Research on Engaging Culture (Neurohm),
  • Culture Assessment Tool,
  • Colours Test, Extended Disc Test,
  • NPA, FRIS, Motivation test,
  • Study by Patrick Lencioni, Personal Energy Audit,
  • TWI, Kanban, Lean, RfS,
  • Insight Shingo, Reiss Motivation Profile,

Partnerships in research and education

We work with various entities and universities with which we exchange know-how, and jointly conduct research projects, classes and workshops.

Here are some of our partners and universities we cooperate with:

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