Recruiting and improving salespeople

During projects carried out for our clients, we’ve noticed how important it is to find competent employees for market-related departments such as sales, marketing and customer service.

Sales Angels

What do we offer?

We strive to get ahead of the market. This is why we created a network of Sales Angels. This gives us access to an extensive database of specialists. We’re also able to support the recruitment process. We’ll choose the right candidates, and then oversee their development, conducting training and individual sales coaching. This service can be preceded by a comprehensive analysis of the sales department.

Our recruitment service is targeted at companies’ market-related departments. It has the benefit of combining the experience of 4Results, who are experts at implementation and consulting, with the knowledge of the functioning of sales departments. Not only can we find salespeople, but we take responsibility for their results after their employment. This gives you a better chance to increase your profit and gain an advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

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What do we offer as part of HR development?

  • Strategic workshops are an effective way to refine your vision, strategy and goals. They allow you to set market tactics and develop a path of activities that support employees.
  • Expert coaching for managers is a form of individual support for the head of the department. We know from experience that these types of coaching sessions translate into:
    – faster progression in the position held,
    – a positive change in routines and habits,
    – better focus on business goals,
    – effectiveness in achieving results.
  • An appropriate sparring partner – we provide the opportunity to cooperate with an experienced expert and professional, for example, from a different business. The sparring partner doesn’t have to be associated with 4Results. The spars are either individual conversations or team work.
  • The development of employees’ skills is implemented using dedicated workshops, training, simulation games, assessment and development centre projects, and coaching.

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Recruitment process

Stage 1

Preparation for recruitment

Getting to know the scope of responsibilities and the profile of the ideal candidate

Stage 2

Recruitment process – estimated duration: 3-10 weeks

  • analysis of the candidate database, searching for the best candidates
  • selection of incoming applications, telephone interviews
  • face-to-face interviews
  • verifying the references of those selected
  • recommending candidates who meet the criteria

Stage 3

Development programme for the employed salesperson

sales coaching, training, consulting related to increasing sales efficiency

Our clients enjoy results:

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