Let's design a strategic change together:

Take advantage of our experience and support in the area of strategy, if as an owner, board member or manager:

  • you want to change something in the way your business operates,
  • you’re looking to further develop the company,
  • you want to determine the optimal version of the strategy – both when you have no ideas and when there is a plethora of options, but you lack the time, motivation or energy to choose and start implementation,
  • you need to clarify the vision and mission that shapes the identity and nature of your business,
  • you would like to make sure that your strategy is the best available choice.

Strategic workshops

Workshops with the participation of the owners, board or team leaders are designed to come up with strategic changes. Together with key managers, we embed the vision and agreed ideas in a specific time plan and business impact matrix.

The workshops are preceded by individual sessions aimed at identifying and understanding the perspectives of individuals and functions (positions).

Following this, we develop a concept together; this includes a mission and vision, as well as establishing specific plans and implementation projects.

We take the following path:

Mission ⇒ Vision ⇒ Strategic Initiatives

Case study – A company from the media sector:

Over the last five years, our client had tripled its turnover and increased its structure threefold, setting up new companies in the Group.

Such dynamic growth required a revitalised strategy and the creation of a shared vision and team development plan that is coherent for a bigger group of 10 people responsible for the development of companies in the group.

The task of 4Results was to design a series of workshops:

Workshop 1. Who do we want to be in 2-3 years on such a dynamic market?

Workshop 2. Our organisational culture and leadership model, i.e. how do we want to build engagement?

Workshop 3. What strategic decisions will we take?

Workshop 4. Key projects and initiatives, i.e. who will be responsible and for what over the next year?

Workshop 5. A Group or Team? What actions should be taken to increase the results of good cooperation between companies in the group?

Each workshop lasted one day and was held once a month. Before each workshop, the structure of each meeting was agreed, and tasks were set to prepare the team for effective work during the workshop.

Clients who have chosen our solutions for their management boards:

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