Test of colors


Do the on-line test to check your natural endowments and style of behavior. According to the result you can check what color you are based on Color Model.


This model is based on C.G. Junga allows you to check how much a Red Warrior, Blue Analyst, Green Supplier and Yellow Initiator you are. The personality test will allow you to better understand how to manage your own talents and energy more effectively. It’s a priceless knowledge how to develop yourself and make more productive business & private relationships.

After completing the test, you will receive a link to fully personalized report with a description of your Color profile. The report also contains a number of tips on how to use knowledge of Colors on daily basis. Additionally it provides suggestions for next steps to development.

The test has been checked in terms of theoretical validity and reliability (internal consistency). If you have any questions regarding the method please contact: kazimierz.zurek@old.4results.pl

If you are interested in the Color Model, buy the book „Colors, or a simple user manual”, which is available in our store.

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