„Imagine a workplace where everyone cares about results, is engaged and contributes fully intellectually.
A place where people are healthier and happier because they have more influence, where everyone is a leader…”

kpt D. L. Marquet

Accountability Culture

What is “Accountability Culture”? 

  • Accountability Culture is a response to volatility and business complexity that requires quick and accurate decisions. In accountability culture decisions are made where there is information, and not hierarchically.
  • Accountability Culture is sometimes called the culture based on empowerment.
  • It becomes possible when we have a system of building Clarity and Competence.
  • Accountability Culture is also Leadership, which creates responsibility and courage in the team – Leaders, not Contractors.
  • Accountability Culture develops leaders at all levels and helps build a work culture for teams and at the meeting point of departments.
  • Accountability Culture is based on the many years of practice of Intent-Based Leadership International, an organization promoting empowerment in management. 

Effects of Accountability Culture:




Agile teams

It is a methodology developed by an international team of Captain David L. Marquet. The first implementation was in 1999, when Captain D. L. Marquet changed the worst nuclear submarine in the USS Navy into No. 1 MORE ABOUT DAVID MARQUET
The program has been proven in many business transformations in the USA and Europe, including Poland. While it is usually initiated at the top-management level, it involves people at all levels of the organization. It creates conditions and space for everyone to think, speak and act as a responsible leader.

Why is it worth?

Results improve where there is an Accountability Culture 

  • Teams react quickly and adequately to changes;
  • Everyone focuses on improving, not avoiding mistakes;
  • You have more innovations and ideas that you test and implement instead of just talking about them;
  • People themselves care about the results and the work environment, not passively waiting for guidelines and orders.

You can expect such effects from Accountability Culture!


The implementation of Accountability Culture means building culture through conscious leadership and shaping the right environment.

Discover unique forms based on new technologies!


IBL Sonar:
Where are we?

Sometrics: what is the level of psychological safety?


Kick-off  – VR Dive simulation

Monthly IBL “live” trainings – getting to know the tools, rules and language

IBL tools
– course Accountability Culture for employees


Implementation platform Journey4Results
– implementation tasks

Mentoring, coaching and teamcoaching processes


TeamToolbox application 

Development of internal trainers

Impact on HR systems

Recruitment procedure

Implementation team:


We are also accompanied by practitioners who have experience in implementing such a culture in their organizations – Daniel Urban (president of Sente), Radosław Matuszewski (president of Groupe SEB), Maciej Trybulec (speaker, trainer, former president of Sanofi Pasteur Polska).

IBL Sonar

A great way to start your IBL journey. Using online surveys, observations and interviews, we scan the surface of your organization to define how far your culture reflects IBL principles, to what extent teams have clarity, competence and control to effectively manage the organization. Test it and see what works well. Identify what may be disturbing and where are the greatest levers of development.


Sometrics is an online survey that checks the level of Psychological Safety in your organization. At the same time, take into account how people feel involved, engaged and open in their daily work. Psychological safety, which is one of the pillars of Accountability Culture, is the main driver of team effectiveness. The safety culture makes people raise doubts, fears or ideas, take initiatives and be creative – without the fear of “being in the spotlight”!

An amazing experience based on real missions carried out by David Marquet. The team immersed in the reality of an atomic submarine carries out a mission to rescue survivors in hostile waters. The role of each crew member is critical to the success of the mission. Only teams with developed habits of cooperation, shared responsibility and trust are able to achieve goals without causing an armed conflict. Each team member becomes a leader responsible for achieving the goals. The simulation is extremely engaging and gives a unique opportunity to experience situations that can be easily translated into managerial situations of each leader.

What the VR Dive simulation teaches:

  • strategies for building an engaging environment
  • critical attitudes for building: trust, open communication, responsibility for results, commitment to the team and results
  • communication building shared responsibility

Academy for leaders. A series of “live” trainings that allow you to develop supporting skills in transferring decision-making to employees. Thanks to this, in practice, the culture of accountability is built

The course consists of 10 lessons that end with specific implementation tasks. Each lesson is a 10-15 minute recording with a lot of scenes, examples of killing behavior and building co-responsibility and entrepreneurship in the organization.

  • Teamtoolbox is a platform available in the cloud as a SaaS service that allows you to ensure effective cooperation and communication in the team based on continuous appreciation, feedback and building commitment, all in the spirit of the Culture of Accountability. Teamtoolbox can support teams and organizations in the following areas:
  • community involvement in the company to co-create a culture of accountability
  • building a culture of appreciation and feedback
  • continuous measurement of the level of satisfaction (Happiness Index)
  • competence management and employee development

Open courses

MARSTERCLASS is a short but intense experience for C-Level decision makers looking for answers to the questions: “Is my organization ready to take more responsibility” MASTERCLASS combines the VR Simulator with building Accountability Culture.

Accountability Culture Congress was the first congress in Poland devoted to the culture of accountability. The most prominent business speakers on building accountability culture. On stage, among others Magdalena Dziewguć, David Marquet, Jacek Santorski and others.




Where to start?

Contact us and see if our tools and experience can help you achieve your goals in the organization.

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